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Installing the Nightly Build

The nightly build site now contains several builds.

The 'Latest/' folder contains files which are built daily from the HEAD
revision of TSVN trunk code, which is useful for testing the latest changes.
These are not official released files, so any new features may not have
been extensively tested.

All interaction with the repository is handled by subversion itself,
and usually only official subversion releases, or release candidates are used.
This greatly reduces your risk exposure when using this Beta code. However,
when the forthcoming Subversion release contains many new features, we need
time to develop new user interfaces, so we build from Subversion trunk, which
is less stable. Check on the mailing list if this is a concern.

Note also that when a newer version of Subversion is used it may update the
working copy format. If you use a nightly build, your WC may be upgraded to
the new format automatically, making it unreadable by other Subversion clients.
Check on the mailing list if in doubt.

We also have a stable branch, eg. 1.6.x which contains the latest release
plus any recent bugfixes. This build is not updated very often,
only when the developers have added some bugfixes which need testing
before a new bugfix release.

To install the latest version, you need to download the .msi file,
and use the Windows Installer to load it. Normally you can just
double-click on the file after you have downloaded it.

When installation is complete, reboot your PC, as recommended by the installer.
This ensures that all updated files get copied to their final destination.
If you are feeling lucky you can just log off and log on, but you will need
to check the version of TortoiseSVN.dll to make sure it has been updated.

You can check the revision number of the nightly build by looking at
Updates.txt which shows the repository revision that was used for the build.

The update and build starts at 2300GMT and the upload starts as soon as
the build is complete, so should normally be completed by 2GMT for the 
small build, and around 4GMT for the full build.
The x64 build starts at 5GMT and will therefore be up later.
The server shows timestamps in central european time (GMT+1).

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